Property Inspectors

Realty Glimpse LIVE
Thursday, January 24, 2018
Cam Ralston, owner of Global Property Inspections

4:25      If you come across a problem (e.g., black mold), who would you refer to?

5:48      What is inside the scope of a property inspector; what other inspections might a client want to consider?

7:59      What liability does the property inspector have?

9:14      Would claims be common?  How does someone make a claim against a property inspector, is it settled by law suits?

11:10    If you buy someone else’s property inspection from them, are you covered under errors and omission insurance?   Should a seller get a property inspection?

14:56    Should someone do a property inspection when buying a new-built home?   When should they get the inspection (i.e., should it be part of the conditions, or a month before the warranty expires.

18:11    What overlap exists between the work of the property inspector and City Inspection Services (permits)?

19:58    Does Global Property Inspections do W.E.T.T inspections (for wood fireplaces)?

21:39    Are there certain things the Property Inspector might be thinking about even before they arrive at the property to inspect based on things such as whether there is clay or sand, if their have been floods in the neighbourhood, or based on properties that are a certain age (perhaps when they used asbestos)?

22:47    What impact can clay have on concrete (basements)?

24:39    Are finished basements more difficult to inspect?

25:56    Will having a property inspection alleviate any concerns for buying a property that is being promoted as “as is where is on the day of possession”?

27:39    Does the property inspector inspect the conditions of the appliances?

30:30    Can you go back on the seller of the property if they have swapped out an appliance?

31:48    How do you choose a property inspector?

33:27    How does someone become a property inspector, what education are they required to have?

34:25    Why does the errors and insurance not cover the buyer when the when the property inspection was done for the seller?

38:23    How are property inspections done on condos?

39:45    Cam talks about Aluminum wiring (used in early to late 70s)

42:56    Cam talks about Polybutylene piping (Poly-B) (used in 80s and early 90s)?

44:21    Can the property inspector feel influenced by a REALTOR®, buyer or seller to overlook an issue?