Realty Glimpse LIVE
Thursday, November 22, 2018
Allan Greber with Stringam Law

6:12      What is title insurance, why did it start?

6:27      What is a Real Property Report?

6:43      What does Title Insurance cover?

7:04      What does Title Insurance cover that a Real Property Report does not?

9:12      What is the cost of Title insurance?

9:39      What are some examples of how Title Insurance has helped in the past?

11:09    Can anyone initiate a claim against the Title Insurance, or does it need to come from the city?

11:47    If after purchasing title insurance, you are issued a notice of non-compliance, who do you talk with, the lawyer?

11:54    Allan explains the lender policy and the owner policy

14:20    Would having title insurance available to the buyer incentive the seller to not get the appropriate permits?

15:30    Would the deck be on the RPR, and if the buyer learns later that the deck didn’t have a permit, would Title Insurance pay if something was wrong with the deck?

16:00    Would the home inspector let the buyer know about a lack of permits for a deck?

17:40    Does the buyer need to learn of a stain under the bed him/herself, or is that something the seller has to disclose; what does the seller have to disclose?

18:40    Is the seller obliged to disclose to the buyer a leaky basement?

19:24    How is a “material latent defect” defined in the contract to purchase?

19:50    How long does a buyer have to go back on the seller?

20:38    How do you determine who to go back on, the seller or Title Insurance?

22:42    Can a neighbour be a “material latent defect”, what do you do about a bad neighbour?

23:46    How quick can you take possession from the time conditions are removed?

24:44    “Tenancy at Will”

26:39    What is “Tenancy at Will”?

29:25    Can the buyer and seller use the same lawyer; is there a conflict?

32:35    Can a pre-possession walk-though prevent issues in respect to the condition of the property on possession day?  What can be done if the condition of the property is not good on possession date?

33:22    Can you go after your REALTOR® for the condition of the property on possession day?