Utilities & Insurance

Realty Glimpse 40

Danny Rolling
Distribution/Collection Lead Hand

Mark – Danny, how long have you been doing this?

Danny – I’ve been at Aquatera now for about 8 years.

Mark – this is an extra inspection, above and beyond the regular property inspection what is this inspection called?

Danny – This inspection is generally is a CCTV inspection, a lot of people don’t think to get this done before they purchase a home, or whatever they’re doing, whether is property or whatever, generally this gives you a little bit of insight into the service itself and any problems that could be existing in or something that could occur in the near future.

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Realty Glimpse 6

Dustin Kersey
Grande Prairie Branch Manger
HUB International Phoenix Insurance Brokers


Mark- What is home insurance, and how does it work?

Dustin – Home insurance, really it’s just a transfer of risk. When you make a purchase, something as major as your home, there is always a risk of losing that massive asset that you’re paying on so with insurance, insurance comes in and it gives you theability to transfer that risk onto an insurance policy. What happens there is, the insurance company and you will reach an agreement on a premium paid, that premium is put into a pot with thousands and thousands of other home owners and that pot of money sits there until such time as someone has a loss and those individuals who do have losses can use the money from that pot to put themselves back whole. Continue reading