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Residential Assessment

Caitlin Tasker & Jenna Dawe, Residential Assessors

November 16, 2017

Mark – Caitlyn, can you tell me, what do you both do for the City?

Caitlin – We’re Residential Assessors, we assess properties.

Mark – So there are Residential Assessors… that’s what you do; there are Realtors, they will give you a market evaluation on your home; and there are appraisers, who will actually do an appraisal on your home.  It is interesting, because all three are similar, but different.


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Realty Glimpse 42

Rory Tarant
Former City Counsellor
City of Grande Prairie



Mark – We’re talking about taxes – what are property taxes used for?

Rory – The property taxes are used for for all the cities operations, everything from our police, to our fighter service, to our parks, recreation, you name it, all the municipal services that you see, a lot of it goes into our capital projects, the road projects, the facilities that are built, and that’s the municipal portion of our property taxes.  You will notice when you get your property tax bill that there is an education component, and that’s charged by the province, and the city collects it on their behalf and remits it to them and that goes toward paying for the education system within the province, and then you also see a small bit that’s for the Grande Spirit Foundation, and it goes towards paying for some of the senior homes and social housing in the areas. Continue reading