Possession Day

Dwayne & Rebecca Peterson

Could the sellers 72hr clause affect your purchase?- it did for Dwayne and Rebecca – listen to what happened!

Congratulations to Dwayne, Rebecca, Dylan and Mya.  You are blessed and a blessing.  Great story, and a great pick for a home.  I’m looking forward to seeing your place again after you’re finally all moved in ????

Mike and Correne Schneider

Congratulations to Mike and Correne Schneider! Your house is SOLD!! It was totally great working with you. I’m glad your house is sold, though I will miss the treats (kinda bitter sweet for me;) ). I wish you great success in the next chapter. Thanks as well to awesome Andrea Pahulu for speaking well of me. You sorta just rock! Movie for you and fam Popcorn on me:)

Ronald & Flordeliz Sumalpong

Possession day – Faith to Faith Well.. Ronald, Liz and their son are among the bests! Are they Christians? Listen and see if you get the same feeling – I think so… and in they’re home just in time to celebrate Christmas! In their story, the sellers were actually there during the inspection- awkward at first, but then they hit it off- at the end, my first clients end up with a house full of furniture. Wow- a great story. Congratulations Ronald & Liz