Realty Glimpse LIVE
Thursday, December 13, 2018
Sidney Cumming with AccuPro Appraisals

0:23      What is an appraisal?

3:12      What is the benefit to the buyer to have an appraisal done?

4:34      What is the benefit to the seller to have an appraisal done?

6:03      Who recognizes the appraisal?

7:43      Other than a buyer or seller, who is most prone to use an appraiser?

8:41      Where should someone invest money if they are going to sell their property – maybe the kitchen, a garage?

10:06    How long is an appraisal good for?

11:41    Can there be a variation between two different appraisals?

12:17    Are some properties more challenging to appraise than others?

13:45    How accurate are appraisals when not much alike the property has sold (eg, very expensive homes)?

15:31    What’s Sid’s suggestion in respect to pricing a home for sale?

17:30    Does the appraisal weigh in on what is happening in the market (how does the appraisal reflect current market conditions?)

19:02    What crushes the economy? /  Where is the market going?

20:50    Does the buyer get a copy of the banks appraisal?

23:04    How far apart can two appraisals be?

23:30    What should you consider before you select an appraiser?

24:43    Does the condition of the home affect the price?

26:16    What improvements would you suggest to get the best return on investment? (Here are the links Sid references – and

28:39    How is the cost of an appraisal determined?

29:31    Does an appraiser measure a house?   What standard?

32:58    Would an appraiser go twice to the same house if called to go there within a week – or would they use their previous appraisal?

December 13 bonus material

The difference between the determination of value between the REALTOR®️, the Appraiser, and the Residential Assessor.

1:01      Could you use an appraisal to contest your tax assessment / property taxes?