About Mark Street

Mark’s history in Grande Prairie dates back to when his family moved to the city when he was only 5. High School, Bible School (Tulsa, OK), then four years in Calgary. After that, Mark decided to test his “business acumen” opening a courier based in Grande Prairie. Mark grew, and his company grew. Before selling, the business made revenues of over $4.5 million per year. Mark loves people, business, and contributing to the success of those he serves in Real Estate.

Mark’s wife is from the country Georgia. He has four awesome kids. Sam is 18, and will be a professor; Josh is 15, and will be a designer of those AI robots you’ve heard about; George is 12, and will be the lead chef at a 5 star restaurant before owning his own; and Sophie is 2, and shows tendencies of being a dancer or a preacher – or maybe both. Some of this could change, but they will stay true, study their craft, and seek the best for others – so they will be a success.

God and family is important to Mark. To him, this means being true, continually improving and studying his field, and seeking the best for others. With these as his tenets, Mark has gained success.

Mark’s real estate memoir includes the best clients, the best transactions, the best listings… well, you get the idea. Mark enjoys and is committed to continuing education. You will find him sharpening his skills by taking a course, formulating and examining the Grande Prairie and area market stats (check out his “Market Updates”), learning from the Jim Rohns’ (and others) who have gone before us, and interviewing reputable local professionals (you can watch these too – they’re called “Realty Glimpse”).

Make the easy call to Mark Street, whether your buying or selling, to start your journey to your new property in the Grande Prairie area.