2018 in review

Below are a few graphs to feast your eyes on – to give you a general synopsis for the market in Grande Prairie.  With REALTORS® having only started with a new MLS program, and having experienced several bumps, perhaps most of us are a little behind where we want to be in respect to stats – watch my Facebook page or check out MarkStreet.ca for video coming soon with these stats and more.

The Last 13 year overview (houses only)

Notice that sales in 2017 was up 16.1% from what it was in 2016, and that the increase from 2017 to 2018 was precisely the same.  2018 was shaping up to be even more positive, but the sales volume dropped in November and December.

Last 3 years of House Sales – month over month – at a glance. (Notice the year over year strength over the first 10 months, and as mentioned above, house sales dropped in November and December