Realty Glimpse 11

Monte Heyn
Draftsperson, Owner
I4 Home Design


Mark What does a drafts person do?

Monte – Essentially, a drafts person is someone who can draw a detailed house drawing. A good drafts person is someone who can turn your dreams into reality.

Mark – when I think of a drafts person, I think of someone who is going to be designing a custom home or something like that, but would you be involved in an older home as well?

Monte – absolutely, Mark. The majority of what I do is custom, but we’ve definitely done a lot of renovations. I just finished a job where we turned an old school house into a beautiful home, or we’ve done basement development, so a spec house, so all across the scope.

Mark – So if you’re looking to buy a house, and you’re wondering about the basement, maybe that’s not so bad; they can bring that empty basement, or the basements that’s designed kind of awkwardly to you, and you can help them with that.

Monte – Absolutely

Mark – If I get hold of you, what are the steps? So I give you a call, what are the steps that I’m going to go through when I hire your services?

Monte – We’ll set up a meeting, and we’ll sit down and we’ll chat. Whether you have a napkin with a square on it, which some customers come in with, or you have a folder full of ideas, we’ll go through what you’re thinking, and we’ll begin to design your house. I’ll take that information and I’ll put it into my program. My program is a full 3D program. So basically, once I get it in there, I can walk you through. Let me quickly show you. Essentially it’s all to scale, and I can zoom out – we can go through the house, you can see inside, you can see outside, and you can go through the whole structure so that you can get a really good idea of what you’re looking at.

Mark – So you can go right into the house?

Monte – Yes. And then after that, usually we’ll get you out a proof, and then we’ll do that meeting, we’ll walk you through that house [in the program], and then you’ll be like “these are the changes we want”, and we will do a revision, or we do finalization.

Mark – This is really good because I can imagine buying that house – you’re out looking for a house, and you find that house, and it’s got a basement, and you think you’ve got a good idea, and some people have pretty good spacial idea, but some people think they do and then surprise!, they’re not so sure after it’s a finished product, so you can actually put it into your program, and then actually see, what is that actually going to look like. Can you walk into that house, and just show us?

Monte – Yes – You can walk through the halls, you can get a real good idea of what the structures going to look like.

Mark – so you build that, that’s part of what you do? 

Monte – Yes

Mark – so that leads into the next question, because one thing I wanted to hit on was the credentials end of things, which is kind of part of it, but this is a little bit separate as well, and that is here we are, we’re walking through this house in a digital program, is that something I can expect from every draftsperson, that they’re going to have this fancy [program]?

Monte – not everyone has as good as a program, and a lot of draftsman… anyone can draw a house, essentially my kids have been doing it for year, they’ll draw the stick house, but a good draftsman is really going to take several things into consideration, they’re going to have to have the structure, how’s it going to carry sound waves, the functionality, you want it designed well, so it looks well, so a good draftsperson is going to have all those things. The benefit is if he has experience. Personally, I come in as a home builder, I used to be a home builder, I used to be a framing crew leader, a carpenter, so I’m pulling on years of experience, to help design a house.

Mark. That is really outside of the credentials of draftsperson alone..? 

Monte – Typically,

Mark – So that’s a good question, if I’m looking for a draftsperson, if I’m looking to design a house, specifically a house, then maybe I want to talk with them and find out what is the experience that can actually help them with what they’re doing, right?

Monte – Absolutely. Because a well thought through house is going to save you a load of money. Once you start thinking through everything, and having it designed well, I have many people that haven’t gone with a professional, they’ve done it themselves, or they’ve gone somewhere else, and they ended up regretting it, because the cost they incurred, you know the small errors, they start adding up. If all of the sudden you get a major error, that can shut down a whole operation. So to think through the plan well is critical.

Mark – So tell me, what are maybe some of the consequences of a poorly designed home?

Monte – Well, essentially the errors. You really have to think through multiple aspects as you’re designing a house. So if you’re running across those errors, it’s going to cause stress, it’s going to cause loss of sleep, it’s going to cost loads of money. So a really good designed house is going to prevent a lot of those errors.

Mark – and something you had mentioned, I think it is really important to hit on in our conversation, but the passion that goes in behind it, where your passion isn’t only to build a house you want, I mean that’s part of it, but the passion is to build the house they want, so you’re ability to understand what they’re actually asking for is so crucial, and I know you’ve mentioned that a few times since I’ve been here, off the record.

Monte – Your really do have to be a good listener and my desire is to give the customer what they want, because the reality is, they have to live with it.