Realty Glimpse 1 

Cam Ralston
Owner, Certified Inspector
Global Property Inspections


Mark – Tell us about property inspections.

Cam – Property Inspections are a review of the home, it’s non-invasive, so we don’t rip anything apart or dig any holes or anything like that, but we look at anything that’s visible or accessible and make sure the house is in sound condition.

Mark – Why would I use a property inspector over my Uncle Ben, who just bought a BBQ from Canadian Tire and he put it together, and it turned out half right – why would I use you instead of him?

Cam – We are trained specifically to find issues that your uncle may not know about, we might see a little sign of something that could mean a lot to us but nothing to your uncle.

Mark – can you give me an idea of some of the stuff that you’re going to come in and look at in a typical property inspection.

Cam – We are going to look at all the exterior components, so roofing, siding, foundation; we’re also going to look up in the attic; we’re going to look at the electrical; the plumbing; interior foundation, structure, basically everything we can get our eyes on.

Mark – what if you have a bad day? Say you trip over the cat or your forget your tool box, or something like that, what assurance do I have that things are going to right, do you carry insurance, or how does this work?

Cam – Hopefully that never happens, and it hasn’t yet, but if it does, we do carry insurance for errors and omissions as well as general liability, and we’re bonded as well.

Mark – in your scope of inspections, are there certain things you might not cover?

Cam – For sure. With home inspections it is limited to the visual components of the house; there are other inspections you may want to consider, such as a W.E.T.T inspection which is for wood fireplaces; mold, asbestos – we do look for those things but the only way you can tell for sure is through laboratory testing of samples.

Mark – If you see signs of mold, or signs of asbestos, septic system issues, things like that, would you make recommendations to other inspectors who would come in, who specialize in those specific fields?

Cam – For sure, and we do know some signs to look for, for example, if we’re looking at a floor and its got 9” x 9” flooring tiles, we know that those do likely contain asbestos, so at that point, we would recommend further inspection by an asbestos certified person.

Mark – Condition to an inspection is one of the two most common conditions you’ll find on an agreement to buy a place. Do you find sometimes a property will go back into negotiations after you’ve gone there – maybe you’ve found something – tell us a little about that.

Cam – In my experience, I have found more often than not that people will not usually back out of the sale of the home, rather they will negotiate possible a different price or the cost of certain repairs, and go about it that way.

Mark – What if I’m buying a property from my best friend. I trust him. So why would I hire a property inspector, or would I even bother? 

Cam – there may be some conditions that exist that your friend doesn’t know about, and you certainly want to bring those things to light, or else there may be some hard feelings down the road between the two of you for that reason.